Our Story

Welcome to Bark Back Bakery we are a family-owned pet store and gluten-free pet bakery. The journey to opening our store started with our three rescue pups, Sasha (corgie/border collie mix) and Hollie and Bristol (coonhound/shepherd mix).  Sasha (also know as “The Queen”) was 16 years old and extremely picky. Usually if something was good for her, she didn’t want it.

When we rescued Bristol and Hollie we weren’t sure what foods to feed them and they were too young to be picky. We weren’t concerned because there are so many choices that had “Real Chicken” or “Real Beef.” Boy were we wrong. One day while we were at a big box store we were overwhelmed by the choices so we started to read the labels and were horrified. Not only did many contain ingredients we couldn’t pronounce but we found that the ones we thought were quality because the package stated that they contained “Real Chicken” or “Real Beef”.  We found that those ingredients were located near the bottom of the list, behind other chemicals that we could not pronounce.  Often the “real” parts were made from ingredients that cannot be served to humans. We also found that many of the treats were made in China and were being recalled at record numbers. Not only we were horrified but also scared.

The first thing we did was switch their food to Fromm Grain-Free dog food (Fromm is based in the USA and has been in business since 1904). We also started baking our own treats using only human-grade ingredients. Our treats go through a vigorous taste-testing process. All our products are tested by humans before any treat is given to our pets. Not only did our girls love them so did the other dogs of our family and friends. It was a great feeling knowing that our furry, four legged companions were eating the same quality as we eat.  If it isn’t good enough for us, why would we serve it to our pets?

Recently Dawn was diagnosed with Celiac Disease (which is an autoimmune disorder for which the only treatment is a strict gluten-free diet) which meant we had to change the recipes for all of our treats. (For more information about Celiac Disease please contract the Celiac Sprue Foundation.) During the transition we learned that many of our customers also had food allergies (including gluten) and other sensitivities. We strive to create treats that any dog can eat. If you have a pet with allergies, let us know and we can work with you to create something you pet can enjoy.

We do not use any wheat, corn, soy, salt, sugar, by-products, fillers in the baking of our treats. We only use products that are sourced from the USA or comparable country (such as Canada, New Zealand). If we can’t pronounce an ingredient we won’t bake with it.

In November 2011 we opened our pet store and bakery at the Shopping Plaza at Bellingham Commons, 15 North Main Street, Bellingham, MA. All of our bakery items are handmade in our location. The next time you are in the neighborhood stop by and say hello. We always enjoy speaking with our customers and getting feedback. If you can’t stop by then you can place an order at our online store and drop us a line via email or give us call.

Our motto is “Real Ingredients for Real Pets”

Best Wishes

Dawn & Chris Porthouse